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Remembering a fine school.

The High Pavement Society

Welcome to the official web-site of the High Pavement Society, the Society for former students and staff of the High Pavement School and Sixth Form College, Nottingham.

The current High Pavement Society was founded in 1989, following the extensive celebrations of the School’s Bicentenary in 1988.  For much of its history, the School seems to have maintained some sort of Old Boys / Pupils Society.  Over the years, such organisations were founded with great enthusiasm, flourished for a time and before eventually fading away under the ‘weight of circumstances’.  However, it is recognised that such organisations did much to maintain contact with past pupils who in turn did much to support the Schools through difficult times and to achieve the success that it has.  The present Society, now 33 years old, may be thought of as the latest ‘reincarnation’ (or ‘ regeneration’, as Dr Who would put it) of such a Society.


The AIMS of the current High Pavement Society are:

HISTORY:   To capture, preserve & make accessible the School’s long and distinguished History:

Preserve Name:    Ensure survival of the Name and, with it, the long history.   We are aware that very few state schools / colleges have any appreciable history.

Achievements:  Recognise and document the Achievements of the school.  Work continues to collect material for the Archives / Museum and to index the School Admission Registers.      

Accessible:   Make history more widely available (eg. Book, Presentation, Video).  There is much existing documentation; it is mostly in specialist research papers and in detail which is not easily digestible by the average reader.  An illustrated Lecture / Video of the 230-year History of the School is currently in preparation.

Remembrance:    Record and honour the High Pavement fallen of the 2 World Wars.

Distinguished Alumni:    Record and honour those pupils who have achieved great things.

Distinguished Staff:    Record and honour those long-serving School Teachers and other staff who made it all possible.

COLLEGE SUPPORT:     To support the present 6th-Form College wherever possible, to appreciate the history of the School, the achievements of Alumni and generally follow the long traditions of the school.   

Appreciation Of History:    Use the history of the School as a means of making pupils interested in history more generally.

Self-Confidence:     Encouraging pupil self-confidence by showing what former pupils (Alumni) have actually achieved.

Prizes:  Encourage excellence by donating significant cash prizes from its special Education Fund, to present day students reward measurable achievement.

Ceremony:   Support the College in the organisation of special ceremonies such as Remembrance events and Prizegivings and in the storage and display of  Trophies.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:  To generally enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, who appreciate their own good fortune to have attended High Pavement School.

Communication:   Maintain communications with our World-Wide Membership via the Society Web-Site and the quarterly “Pavior” Magazine.  “The Pavior” is a 16-page A5 colour illustrated booklet that not only reports the activities of the Society, but also serves to document memories of the School for the benefit of future Archives.   Back-Issues of “The Pavior” are available on our Web-Site.

Research Support:    Help researchers from around the world with enquiries about the School and / or family members who attended the School.

Local Social Events:   Organise informal social gatherings that allow local Membership to meet face-to-face, reminisce, and above all, enjoy good company.  Typically these events include 3 pre-booked organised Luncheons per year, supplemented by occasional “pay-on-the-day” Pub Lunches at carefully chosen local hostelries.



Membership is open to all former and current students/staff of High Pavement School/Sixth-Form College and invited individuals who have had a close association with these institutions.    

The Membership Fee is currently £20/year, payable annually on the 1st July. However, Student Members (U25) can apply for free membership.  Student Members will receive an electronic version of “The Pavior” instead of a printed version.



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